In Jane

In Jane Jane learned to show anger in the passive and aggressive way.

It was a source of sexual reaction to other girl.

After she received medical treatment for a depression and learned to express anger in more direct and acceptable way, she could understand better herself.

In Jane there was nothing homosexual.

Business was that for expression of anger which did not find a way out, she resorted to passive aggressively behavior.

I had to face several similar cases.

PASSIVE AGGRESSION AT ADULTS In my opinion, parents have to set a goal: to build up at the teenager mature character to seventeenyear age.

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These are people

These are people Perhaps, we should write own the eleventh head Poslaniya to Jews, having listed in her the kind angels.

You realize, what at us is them more, than at the people living to us?

It is necessary to enter some recent people before whom we can open the soul and heart without hesitation in this list.

These are people to whom we completely trust and which we admire for which we can open the dark sides, knowing that all the same we will be loved and for us will pray.

It just about what also the Christian church speaks.

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If you expect

If you expect Poisonings Immediately cause medical care if the child swallowed something poisonous.

If you expect to get to office of ambulance of the nearest hospital earlier, carry the child there.

Call in hospital and warn that you go, and report, than the child poisoned that they were ready.

Take with yourself poison with which the child poisoned, and his emetic masses if you manage to collect though a little Washing of a stomach and vomiting the best cure of first aid for poisoning.

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I not bad studied

I not bad studied And I ceased to meet it.

I do not know that mother and the father would make with me if I took in head to be on friendly terms with somebody again.

Felt the very guilty after all I did that was not pleasant to my parents.

Considered herself as the most lost person on light.

Deniz continued to study in college, but its progress became much worse.

I not bad studied at the first year, but then began to fill up examinations all the time.

Even did not attend lectures.

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And feelings

And feelings Though the events endured by you are not always similar to what happen to the child, but it is possible to tell with full confidence that you had similar feelings.

And feelings are important for it after all.

Such moments of proximity arising in ordinary life help parents to keep the warm house atmosphere.

And they can be sure that their children will learn to cope with troubles which inevitably arise in the course of relationship between people.

Wise parents create smooth and safe water, and in it teach the children to cope with severe reality which they should face.

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